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Chinese Art has caught the world's attention. Once considered obscure and exotic, it now commands millions at international auction. China's contemporary artists are the rock stars of the art world, living a lifestyle more synonymous with New York than the Peoples Republic of China. 'China Power' is a reflection of modern China by its artists, filmmakers, and curators.


Ai Weiwei Yue MinJun Zhang Xiaogang Cao Fei Yang Fudong Ou Ning Liu Ding Qui Anxiong Gu Dexin Kan Xuan Wang Guangyi Wang Jianwei Zhang Peili Chen Shaoxiong Zhao Bandi Xu Bing Huang Yong Ping


Producer / Director / WriterPia Getty Director of Photography Mark Carey Producer / Editor / WriterClare Dearnaley MusicVictor Reyes View Full Credits




Rufus Sewell


Director of Photography

Mark Carey


Additional Photography Oslo

Ben Hodgson


Additional Photography Christies Hong Kong

Braniff Woo


Sound Recordists

Mark Roberts

John Groves

Lucy Pickering

Steve Whitford



Li Guangxing

Xiao Li


Unit  Driver

Philip Thornton


Location Directing

Pia Getty

Mark Carey

Clare Dearnaley



Clare Dearnaley


Online Editor

Simon Hill



Peter Lynch


Dubbing Mixer

Phil Evans


Original music

Victor Reyes


Additional Sound Curation

Ou Ning


Dubbing artists

Jie Edwards

Chris Chau

Jason Lam

Andy Pang


With Thanks to

Carol Lu

The Serpentine gallery

Red Mansion Foundation

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

Battersea Power Station

Philips De Pury


Wedal Fine Art

The Barbican

Institute of Sound Beijing

Elaine Forsgate Marden


Shanghai Museum of Fine Art

Long March Gallery

Shang Art Gallery

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Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Beijing

Contrasts Gallery Beijing

Leon Flamholc

Philip Tinari



Larry Schiller

The Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art Beijing

Getty Images

Shanghai Animation Studio

Spring of a little town

Xu Bing

Thinking Hands


With Special thanks to

Larry Schiller

Vanessa Oatley

Amy Gardner

Robie Unicke

Professor Richard Krauss


Production Accountants

Jackie Whitely

Ian Gibbons



Clare Dearnaley

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Jie Edwards



Clare Dearnaley


Fixer in China

Joy Le Li


Associate Producer

Kate Marchetti



Clare Dearnaley



Pia Getty


China Power

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